About us

Smart Data Lab offers its partners and clients BI* Analytics services
to create regular reports in the form of interactive dashboards and recruitment.
We support a variety of business solutions:
from operational to strategic.


getting started
in BI Analytics

> 100


> €5 mln.

losses were returned based on the
analysis of pricing and supply
management system


acceleration of large-scale industrial
production dynamics


enterprises in the group
implementing a transparent
planning system

* Business Intelligence


main issues


lack of transparency in work processes;


a large amount of information collected and a lack of understanding of its use by businesses;


ack of necessary information for decision-making;


complex database architecture of the company, which does not allow you to easily and quickly get an answer to the desired question:


lack of resources for data processing and analysis.

Our solutions

  • bring transparency to workflows by displaying each process in an interactive
    dashboard with KPIs;
  • optimize the database for maximum efficiency;
  • organize the collection of missing information and subsequent processing of this
    information with minimal labor costs;
  • display all key indicators on a single management dashboard with the ability to drill
    down with a few mouse clicks;
  • significantly increase the speed of processing and receiving information, while
    eliminating errors due to the human factor;
  • a large database of analysts and architects of the required level who can cover the
    company’s human resource needs.


64 experts

from Junior to Pro level and
DWH architect*

Comprehensive or partial BI/ DWH outsourcing and recruitment


  • no more expensive than a full-time
  • mentor support;
  • free replacement of employees;
  • flexible involvement of specialists;
  • high quality of work of an employee of any level

We can/Production

  • Dynamic supervision of production indicators;
  • Detailed monitoring of shipments and inventory;
  • Plan / actual execution of the budget income and expenditure;
  • Monitoring key performance indicators of
    maintenance and repair;
  • Control of industrial safety and labor protection

We can/Marketing

  • Dynamic recommendations for advertising
    strategies, individual companies, and loyalty
  • Segmentation down to the individual client;
  • Generating lead clients using mathematical
  • The increase in the level of open rate and
    clock rate;
  • Optimization by parameters: ad opening
    time, ad type, brand / service, etc.

We can/HR

  • General personnel policies, 24/7, to identify the
    effectiveness and inconsistencies;
  • Analysis of forecasts for new employees before
  • Analysis of profiles and relationships between
    age, gender, region, ethnic group, etc.
  • Control of deviations from the corporate
    recruitment strategy;
  • Track your FOT, travel budget, work discipline,
    and layoff trends.


Стек технологий: Teradata, SAP Business Objects, Power BI, Power Pivot, Power
Query, DAX, Tableau, Qlik, GreenPlum, Informatica, Django, MS SQL Server, SSRS,
SSIS, SSAS, Visual Studio, Postgresql, Figma.


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